Top Widgets For Your Library Website

Over 100 self-updating widgets

Select any of our state-of-the-art web widgets, then customize your widget on the fly. Copy&Paste into your website. Done!


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    1000% more faster

    Watch your widget perform in real time. See which ones get the most click throughs to your catalog.

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    Tracking your data

    we create a 12-month reference database of your catalog sorted into 47 categories.

  • 4

    Delivering on-the-fly

    we're able to parse web pages "on-the-fly" and use them as source content.

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    Interface redisgn

    Insert a small piece of code into your web page once, and you never have to do it again.

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    Working together

    If you're offering Novelist, NextReads, OPAC lists, Amazon Wish List, BookNews, or New Book Alerts our software will gather the books, connect to our database of seven million annotations, and display the books, updating automatically.

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    And some other things

    Most widgets can display rotating book jackets. And of course our widgets can rotate, fade in or out, roll-over, break into puzzle pieces and appear three dimensional. That's the easy part. What sets us apart is our ability to parse content sources.

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    Millions of goodies

    Over seven million book jackets, descriptions, reviews and author bios.

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    Limitless like chess

    Create as many widgets and source links as you need.